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Marek Hamsik

Marek Hamsik

Marek Hamsik
Marek Hamsik is a Slovak football player, player of the Slovak national team, playing for SSC Napoli. Marek Hamsik is a future of Slovak football and he belongs to the best Slovak football players in the world! In MarekHamsik.info you will find all the latest Hamsik news, photos and information, and you will also be able to watch videos of his latest goals.

Marek Hamsik News

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Marek Hamsik SSC Neapol
Fan report about Hamsik´s play against Udinese (21 September 2009)
Hamsik 32

We all want to revel with football and u have been chosen by us as an actor of our gladness from this beautiful sport. But what happened! We watch the match with Udinese for 90 minutes and we cross fingers to you everytime you touch a ball. And? We are affraid we want more than you.

Your teammates fight as lions, collide face to face, and in this „dance with ball“, one man do a running step as a coryphee, and that’s our Marek. Marek, I don’t want to hurt you and evoke a spasm or doubt to your playsuit. Secus, I want you to be better and better. I know that sometimes man is up and sometimes down, and I know, there will be a time in future, when you arise again.

Marek, you surrended to all forward duels and you didn't make any spurt or forward pass, only backward.I asked myself, if the arbiter wasn’t your ideal. Probably, u didn’t see your teammates, who strived and they lacked the tenth player Marek Hamsik, because if you had seen them, you would have helped them. I misunderstand your couch, because If I was him, I would retire you in the first half. Maybe, he awaited u there, where will be no one in normal circumstances. Marek, why are you doing it to us, what’s the mater with you? Are you tired of a family? Do they not let you sleep? We are watching you and we want you to be a football star.


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MarekHamsik.info is a website, created for the fans of the Slovak footballer Marek Hamsik.