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Marek Hamsik

Marek Hamsik

Marek Hamsik
Marek Hamsik is a Slovak football player, player of the Slovak national team, playing for SSC Napoli. Marek Hamsik is a future of Slovak football and he belongs to the best Slovak football players in the world! In MarekHamsik.info you will find all the latest Hamsik news, photos and information, and you will also be able to watch videos of his latest goals.

Marek Hamsik News

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Marek Hamsik SSC Neapol
Captain devises to the federation: We would like to play in Zilina (18 November 2009)
Hamsik 60

Marek Hamsik was captain of Slovak football team again, but he didn´t achieve the 3rd victory with captain armband. Slovakia lost match 1:2 with stubborn footballers from Chile. Vladimir Weiss senior confirmed his decision about a new boss of crew cab in the match against Chile, too.

 "Nowadays, Marek Hamsik is all-star player and he is the leader of our team. He plays every match with maximum disposition and because of that, he will be the captain," said Vladimir Weiss on the name of SSC Napoli s midfielder after match against USA.

Slovak footballers measured their strength with Poland and Czech Republic. They proved to play football on the isles against Northern Ireland and England, bothered with well tactically prepared Slovenia and they managed with inscrutable Americans.

"Chile was better team than USA. They were the most qualitative opponents we played with so far. We knew, they will be better opponents than Americans, which was approved. Chileans are fantastic in technique and tactic too. They didn t play individually, they knew about each other and it was very difficult for us to keep watching them  summarized the opponent from South America Hamsik. Slovakia had a territorial dominance in the end of this match and pushed Chile back in front of their penalty zone.  It s a pity about our final pressure in the last fifteen minutes, when we weren t able to shoot an equalizing goal. We wanted to play our best, but we weren t successful," reported his feelings Banska Bystrica s native.

Slovak captain accentuated fans under Dubeň, too and he delegated aan evident message for Slovak Football Federation.  "The fans were fantastic, and I hope that our federation will make the final decision about playing the national matches in  ilina,"  proclaimed 22 years old footballer.


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