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Marek Hamsik

Marek Hamsik

Marek Hamsik
Marek Hamsik is a Slovak football player, player of the Slovak national team, playing for SSC Napoli. Marek Hamsik is a future of Slovak football and he belongs to the best Slovak football players in the world! In MarekHamsik.info you will find all the latest Hamsik news, photos and information, and you will also be able to watch videos of his latest goals.

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Marek Hamsik SSC Neapol
Captain Hamsik: Year 2009 was simply memorable (16 December 2009)
Hamsik 71

The SITA agency made an interview, in a connection with the victory in the pool player of the year 2009, with the captain of team Slovakia, Marek Hamsik, about success in year-end:

As 22 year’s old footballer, you became the captain of team Slovakia. Was it a big surprise for you?
“I haven’t expected it, our coach chose me and everyone respected it. I am very happy for that and I want to be an idol for everyone.”

What do you think, why coach Weiss chose you as a captain of the Team?
“It’s hard to say. I play roundly in any training. It’s the same in each match, I play with every effort. Sometimes it goes well, but sometimes it doesn’t go as well as I want. But I play on maximum every time.”

What about your attitude with coach Weiss? He said recently, that you are the idol for other players of Slovak team, because of your stance to training and duties…
“I have very good friendship with him. He is a big man from the human side and I don’t have any problem with him.”

Are you a type of player, who is able to rouse his playmates before match, perhaps even to strengthen your voice during half-time if things go badly?
“I don’t have to rouse someone, it’s not about it. The whole team has always a combative spirit, besides we can speed and encourage each other. You can see it on a playground, where every one plays with every effort.”

The Slovak Team won in the pool Sportsman of the year as the best society. Did you except it?
“This year, we achieved something marvelous, because football achievements are very rare in Slovakia. We are all happy because of advancement to The World Championship. The year 2009 was the best and memorable for all of us and that affected the result in the journalistic pool.”

Advancement to the World Championship is a big success for the whole Slovakia. Why we had to wait 16 years for this?
“There were many factors affecting this. Coach Weiss created a great team. We are great society not only on playground, but outside of it too. There wasn’t a favorite team in our qualification group. It was well balanced group and every one could pass. There was another positive fact that we believed in our advancement from the beginning.”

What do you think, what are the differences between Slovak team nowadays and 10 years ago?
“I used to attend Slovak international matches when I was young. Previously, we were unlucky, but this time, luck was on our side. We have formed very young team which can play together after 10 years, too. We trust each other and because of that, we can do many big things.”

Many people say Slovaks was very lucky in qualification 2010, otherwise, they would not advanced to the World Championship. How important was luck in your way through qualification?
“Yes, we were lucky, that’s true, but the main reason of our success was bellicosity. Our will dominated, we trusted our abilities and strengths. What is more, we scored at least 2 goals practically in each match. Probably nobody believed that we had been so successful in qualification.”

If you have had to choose only one absolutely key moment in qualification to the World Championship 2010, which culminated this year, which one would you mention?
“Probably, it will be the victory in the Czech Republic. It was derby; we haven’t beaten them for so long. Finally, we have done it in April in front of great audience. Really big obeisance to our fans, who came to the Prague to support us. We were all very happy after this match.”

If you have to estimate strength and quality of Slovak team formations, what attributes would describe them?
“Our goalkeeper, Jan Mucha, was our reliance in qualification. He has credit of our advancement. The defense is very tough and it’s hard to pass through them. Each of them except more offensive Peky, is, as it were, “saw” and other teams were frightened of them. The middle of field is very young, they love to play offensive. Our offense proves its quality by the goal amount.”

As you can see on the result of the pool Sportsmen of the year, Slovak football achieved great success. What you and your playmates have to do to win this pool again in a year?
“We must continue in our effort like we did it till now. We entered a championship and because of that, all of us- players or officials- must behave like a privy to championship. The recipe is simple- we must continue our play like we did up to now and the result should be revealed.”


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